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Magdalena Iskra is an award-winning boudoir photographer based in Chicago. She grew up in Poland where she was first introduced to the fascinating world of beauty, modeling and photography.
It is Magdalena’s true passion to make every woman feel the best version of herself in front of the camera. She strives to create a place where intimacy, art, and photography all meet together to reveal the natural beauty and sensuality of the female body.
Having a boudoir session is one of the best ways to spoil yourself. As women, we want to feel and look beautiful. Feeling good and celebrating your beauty is what a boudoir session is all about. This is the time to get pampered, put on the most alluring lingerie and feel top notch in your own skin in front of the camera.
Whether you are doing this for yourself or for your significant other, you will remember this experience for the rest of your life. Magdalena offers an exclusively high-end boudoir album that is handcrafted in Italy. If You take the leap to book your boudoir session; you will get your photographs printed on the highest quality paper which will only heighten the experience even more for you.